An Expertly Told Space Opera | Review of ‘Blood of The Cosmos’ (Saga of Shadows #2)

blood of the cosmos review

Narrowly escaping destruction by the Shana Rei, the humans and the Ildirans align themselves in desperation, eager to find a way to destroy the Shana Rei. But with arrival of the Othos, beings that know more about the Shana Rei than anyone before. Yet around every corner there are shadows and villains seeking the destruction of all life.

Published June 2, 2015, by Tor Books Blood of the Cosmos
is the second novel by Kevin J. Andersonin his Saga of Shadows series, a science fiction space opera following the exploits of humans and Ildirans from the Saga of Seven Suns.

Blood of the Cosmos continues the story of the saga of shadows with explosive action and riveting characterization. Then there are the numerous plot twists that just create insurmountable tension in the storytelling. It’s remarkable how it works together to build the story, all the added layers between the characters and the story.

After the last novel so much has happened. Anderson has brought in a new race of aliens, and with this comes a new opportunity to explore the story and the universe that it resides in. There’s so much happening, just like in the previous novel and the originating source, Saga of Seven Suns, but again, the amount of detail that goes on does not weigh down the story, it creates a story that is easy to follow. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require careful reading. So much is happening and the switch between characters helps the story maintain a clear view of the story while allowing for the passage of time to become clear. Days, weeks, even months are passing through each character segment so much is happening between those moments that Anderson has to summarize and recap. And he does it effortlessly. Anderson summarizes everything without weighing down the story with useless details. He captures everything that has happened with just enough detail to give the story more substance.

It’s an amazing story, well told and structured. Even more impressive is the characterization. These characters continue to grow, they have their own inner turmoil, all of which give the individual characters more depth and evolution, propelling them forward. Given the story itself, the characters are already going through so much and giving them individual stories, individual problems gives them more substance and more place in the story. They have personalities, each one unique, making for a powerful read.

All in all, this is an amazing novel with amazing characters and adventure. It’s richly told and full of such perfect detail that submerges the reader in the story, and the universe it’s in. (★★★★☆ |A)


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