Facebook Memories are a Problem

Facebook started something unfortunate. They’ve started doing this “Back on this day” campaign, which means they’ll pull up statuses, pictures, and conversations you had  on your timeline on from exactly 1+ years ago, as long as it’s the same month and day. It’s been going on for awhile now, but I just realized how inconvenient it is. Namely because I was a *slightly* dramatic teenager who should have had a Facebook account until I was 18 years old.

Exhibit A, to prove my point.

Please note the two vastly different moods posted within a 35 minute time frame.

And, although it enhanced my status “technique”, I didn’t purposefully write in third person for the effect. That was a Facebook requirement way back in the day.

It is slightly shocking to have these “memories” up roll up in my timeline, because I really don’t remember being that person who created ambiguous, angry statuses for all my 185 friends to see. In fact, I don’t remember being that angry of a 13 year old.

But. The evidence clearly speaks otherwise.

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