Star Fox Zero vs Star Wars Battlefront:Battle for Earth

star wars vs starfox

Star Fox 64 was one of the greatest games ever played. With Star Fox Zero coming out soon and The Force Awakens coming out on DVD in the same month, we knew it was time for a Star Wars and Star Fox Zero crossover. Also, we may or may not have included a post credit scene….

Visual effects were done with Blender 3D and After Effects. Filmed with a Canon Rebel t3i, and Neewer stabilizer.

Huge shoutout to other Youtubers who composed the music for this video!

Sean Haeberman
Battle for Corneria – (Soundcloud)

Main Theme –

Mission Accomplished –

Brought to you by:
Ryan Flake ▶
Jason Flake ▶ http://instagram/jflake16
Cari Conlin Flake ▶
Sean Haeberman ▶

Look out for Star Fox Zero on April 21st, 2016

Rendered by Sheepit RenderFarm –

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