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Weekly Monday Memes

Friends, I was SO disappointed on my drive to the hubby’s work this morning. I turned on my Christmas jams, but instead I heard Coldplay’s “Fix You” blaring from the speakers. The “Official Christmas Music Station of Utah” had the audacity to play “popular” music instead of the Christmas classics throughout the rest of the season. Christmas isn’t over yet, friends. Not in my house.

I declare a mutiny. And by mutiny, I mean just giving you this week’s Christmas memes post-Christmas. #hardcore
Basically, these are the memes that describe our home at Christmas.
#1: How we start out every Christmas season:

#2: Also how we start Christmas
#4 My role as mother cat is also grumpy cat

#4 Why are these even making a comeback?

#5 Cats (read, babies) of the family at Christmas time
Merry Christmas friends!
If you would like your favorite memes here,
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